As a designer, Markus Schröppel was responsible for the development of corporate identities, images and brand strategies for companies, brands, products and artists at national and international levels. He is holder of a professorship at the Media University of Applied Sciences; Cologne and holds a Doctoral Degree. He wrote his dissertation on a topic he’s always happy to talk about over a coffee: about signage, i.e. the conception and design of guidance and orientation systems. Among other things, he teaches the subjects graphic design and visual communication, digital font development, as well as design theory. As course director, initially in Berlin, now back in Cologne, he assumes overall responsibility for the department management for teaching and studies and coordinates the range of courses. He also teaches his students alternative printing techniques such as risography. In addition to this activity, Schröppel has been a welcome guest lecturer at the University of Lapland for many years. He loves to give lectures and workshops with a focus on orientation signage or type design, also against the background of various fonts he has published himself.